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Death and Shame in Yemen: Saudi Coalition Airstrikes Kill as Mercenaries Rape

“To Yemenis, rape is worse than death! We swear by Allah we will take revenge on Sudanese soldiers. They will not return alive to their country.” — Yemeni demonstrator in Hodeida

Sudanese mercenaries Yemen

AL-DALI, YEMEN -- At least seven civilians, including women and a child, were killed in Yemen’s southern province of Dhali on Sunday when Saudi airstrikes hit two civilian cars as they were returning along a road in the al-‘Awd district after a shopping trip for the Islamic holy month of Ramadan. The region is 165 km north of the capital Sana`a,

Активисты и мировые лидеры отвергают поддерживаемый США переворот в Венесуэле

Лидеры во всей Латинской Америке и мире отвергли попытку государственного переворота во вторник против Николаса Мадуро.

venezuela coup

Leaders throughout Latin America and the world have rejected Tuesday’s coup attempt against Nicolas Maduro. A military uprising began Tuesday morning after a speech by opposition leader Juan Guaido. With full support of the United States and its allies, Guaido illegally proclaimed himself “interim president” in January. In a tweet, Bolivian

Майк Пенс подтверждает: «Мы с» заговорщиками в Венесуэле

Подтверждение вице-президентом поддержки США поддержали госсекретарь Майк Помпео и советник по национальной безопасности Джон Болтон.

venezuela coup

Vice President Mike Pence confirmed Tuesday that the Trump administration is firmly on the side of the coup plotters in Venezuela as violent clashes between the elected government and opposition forces led by Juan Guaido quickly escalated. "To Juan Guaido, the National Assembly, and all the

Основатель Blackwater призывает 5 000 наемников свергнуть Мадуро

Эрик Принс разработал план вокруг Вашингтона, чтобы приватизировать усилия США по перевороту, используя свою последнюю вдохновленную Блэкуотером империю наемников.

Blackwater founder Erik Prince testifies before a House committee examining the mission and performance of private military contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan, Oct. 2, 2007. (Susan Walsh/AP)

As if the past months of US push for regime change in Venezuela with officials like Elliott Abrams of Iran-Contra conviction infamy at the helm wasn't bizarre enough, things just got weirder, as Erik Prince has apparently been pitching a plan around Washington to privatize US coup efforts using his latest Blackwater inspired mercenary

В Венесуэле разворачивается военное восстание

Горстка полиции и вооруженных сил освободила Леопольдо Лопеса и перекрыла шоссе в Каракасе.

venezuela coup

A military coup attempt is underway in Venezuela on Tuesday, April 30, with imprisoned right wing leader Leopoldo Lopez, and self-proclaimed “Interim President” Juan Guaido and some members of the armed forces blocking a highway in Caracas and calling on the military to rise up. According to reports, a group from Venezuela's Sebin intelligence

50 000 палестинских детей заключены в тюрьму израильскими кенгуру с 1967

Хотя правительство Израиля часто рекламирует себя как «единственную демократию» на Ближнем Востоке, оно также является единственным правительством во всем мире, которое задерживает детей через военные суды с почти 100-процентным осуждением, чего даже Саудовская Аравия не делает.

palestinian children

JERUSALEM -- According to figures released by the Prisoners’ and Freed Prisoners’ Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) on Sunday, the state of Israel has imprisoned more than 50,000 children since the occupation of Palestine’s West Bank began in 1967. The PLO report, which was cited by Middle East Monitor, also noted that around