Крис Хеджес: Политика культурного отчаяния

Это отчаяние убивает нас, разъедает социальную ткань, разрывает социальные связи и проявляется в саморазрушительных патологиях.

American Fascism Feature photo

Princeton, New Jersey (Scheerpost) — The physical and moral decay of the United States and the malaise it has spawned have predictable results. We have seen in varying forms the consequences of social and political collapse during the twilight of the Greek and Roman empires, the Ottoman and Hapsburg empires, Tsarist Russia, Weimar Germany and the

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Крис Хеджес: назначение Трампа Барретта — еще один шаг к христианскому фашизму

Все фашистские и тоталитарные движения прикрывают свои убогие системы верований налетом морали.

Amy Coney Barrett Art

Princeton, New Jersey (Scheerpost) — The Christian Right is content to have the focus on Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett revolve around her opposition to abortion and membership in People of Praise, a far-right Catholic cult that practices “speaking in tongues.” What it does not want examined is her abject subservience to corporate power,

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Chris Hedges On Trump, Fascism And The Christian Right

Abby Martin, host of teleSUR’s «The Empire Files», sat down with Chris Hedges to discuss Trump’s connections to right-wing Christian extremists.

John Hagee

Abby Martin, host of teleSUR's "The Empire Files," sat down with Pulitzer-prizewinning journalist and author Chris Hedges to discuss U.S. President Donald Trump and how his presidency fuels and is fueled by Christian fascism. "The Christian right will fill Trump's ideological vacuum, because he doesn't really have an ideology, and that will be

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