While Focus Is On DC Marches, Police Resume Violent Crackdown At Dakota Access Pipeline

Police, emboldened by a series of proposed state bills in North Dakota’s legislature targeting protesters, have resumed their violent crackdown against DAPL protesters.

Damin Radford of New Zealand stands overlooking the Oceti Sakowin camp where people have gathered to protest the Dakota Access pipeline near Cannon Ball, N.D. Nov. 29, 2016. (AP Photo/David Goldman)

Cannon Ball, ND (REPORT) --- All water protectors must leave the camps — and abandon plans to relocate to a higher elevation — the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Council wrote in a resolution passed during an executive session of a district meeting just before President Donald Trump took the oath of office. Decisive, sharp consequences soon

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The NYPD Is Kicking People Out Of Their Homes, Even If They Haven’t Committed A Crime

And it’s happening almost exclusively in minority neighborhoods.

Janeelah El-Shabazz's family was nearly evicted after the NYPD found 45 paper cups filled with cocaine. (Edwin Torres for ProPublica)

THE MORNING OF MAY 4, 2011, Jameelah El-Shabazz watched out the window of her Bronx apartment as a team of police officers fanned across the rooftop of Banana Kelly High School. The 43-year-old mother of five said she didn’t think much of the scene — drug raids were common in her neighborhood. As she did most mornings, El-Shabazz said she went to

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Victims Reporting Domestic Abuse Face Eviction

In Milwaukee, calling 911 to report abuse too many times resulted in residents being labeled a «nuisance.»

Lakisha Briggs is a nursing assistant, mother and domestic violence survivor, who was evicted from her home for calling the police one too many times about her abusive boyfriend. Talking to The New York Times, Briggs said she had called the police numerous times in the past after instances in which her boyfriend threatened or beat her. She said

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ОБНОВЛЕНИЕ: Occupy Homes празднует отпор выселению

По мере того, как летняя погода нагревается по всей территории США, также поступают действия в защиту осажденных домовладельцев.

Update: After successfully fending off the first eviction attempt against the Ceballos home last week, Occupy Homes celebrated Monday night with a concert and community gathering attended by 250 people. Hip-hop artists Brother Ali and Haphduzn performed at the celebration as participants geared up for the ongoing defense of the property. The

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